Electric Bikes

What is an Electric Bike?

  • Electric Bikes, (or e-bikes as they are commonly called) provide a genuine urban or country transport alternative, with the added benefit of helping to keep you fit and also 'doing your bit' to help the planet!


  • An electric bike utilises a battery powered electric motor to assist the rider when required, like when accelerating, climbing hills or pedalling into head winds. Riding an electric bike makes you feel young again!


  • As with a regular bicycle, they are completely legal to ride without a drivers' licence (or any other licence for that matter), even on bike paths. And, don't forget the added benefit of free parking!


  • Contrary to popular belief, riding an electric bike does require some effort to cycle - it is a great, low impact alternative to riding a normal bike.


  • Being low impact means you can ride the bike without placing the strain on your body that a normal bike can. Far from being a 'lazy' choice - they are a great option for those who want to enjoy exercise and keep moving - without the pain or exhaustion some of us suffer when riding a regular bike, especially up hill!!.


  • ​They are also a fabulous alternative to public transport commuting - you can ride to work and still arrive fresh (and without the lycra!).


  • If you have not yet tried an electric bike for yourself, please call us today to arrange your test ride, on 01797229351 at our showroom in Rye where we have the complete range of PantherEbikes on permanent display, or with one of our authorised Dealers. You can also take a look at our blog article to help you in determining which electric bike is right for you.

    "It's easy and fun – getting around on my electric bike has become my default mode of transport, even on days when the car is at my disposal!” Hugo K.

    Make cycling fun again!
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Why buy a Panther Electric Bike?


  • Ride a Panther electric bike and you will feel like a child again - endless energy and that 'yes of course I can ride there' attitude!


  • Riding a bike has never been so much fun! Get on one of our Panther Ebikes and you will feel alive

  • Getting mobile on an electric bike has so many benefits, and the most important one to us is that it encourages more and more people who are not already cycling, to get out and start trying.

Panther Brand E-bikes are great for:

  • Those who want to get from A to B a bit faster (without the sweat and lycra) - avoiding high fuel and parking costs, peak hour traffic and hill climbs

  • University or high school students where parking is a luxury

  • People wishing to improve their fitness and mobility with low impact exercise

  • Riders recovering from surgery or illness that has prevented them from riding a regular bicycle.

  • Our electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes - take a look at our range.

  • With models including folding electric bikes, electric mountain bike styles and easy to use traditional style step through e-bikes we can get you mobile.
    To help you determine "Which electric bike is right for you?" we've also written this blog article and we have a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions.


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