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Our most exciting new design: The Panther Compact Unisex Ebike with hidden battery within the frame


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I have a passion for healthy living, nature and creating excellence within a business with huge potential.

Electric Bikes are exciting and something that I really believe in.

Over the last 2 years, designs battery technology has improved at a very fast rate, allowing us to develop and produce an innovative and stylish new collection of Panther Ebikes,  fitted with the very latest fully integrated Lithium batteries. 

Ebikes make so much sense in an energy constricted world, they add fun, well being and an exhilarating experience to our lives!

Having developed and produced many products in China for over 10 years, I am pleased to be working closely with long established, forward thinking, innovative, manufacturers of Ebikes in SE Asia in this fast developing, exciting & dynamic new market.

Paul Kennard

February 2019

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