Caring for your Panther Ebike Battery

Panther use LG Batteries

  • LG Chem is a world-renowned company in the lithium-ion battery industry that supplies energy solutions for mobile devices, energy storage and electric vehicles. In particular, according to the electric vehicle industry, LG Chem is ranked as a No.1 battery supplier when it comes to project award of next-generation electric vehicle battery.


Global reputation

  • Thanks to its global reputation gained in the automotive industry, LG Chem is now pursuing its business growth in Light Electrical Vehicle. In the past LG Chem has already begun supplying batteries to e-bike makers worldwide, including European bicycle brands and electric driving kit providers.

Full battery line-up

  • LG Chem has built up a full battery line-up from 2.1Ah to 4.2Ah cell with long cycle life and sufficient power, covering all segments of Light Electric Vehicles, e-bikes and e-scooters. LG Chem is also actively developing new battery cells with much higher capacity to enable longer driving range for users. Furthermore, a core competitiveness of LG Chem’s battery pack is believed to be its advanced BMS (Battery Management System) technology proven in electric vehicle market.

Panther Ebike Battery Care

The battery of your Panther e-bike uses a Lithium–ion construction produced by LG, Samsung, & Panasonic, some care is needed to maintain the battery’s peak performance and provide a long service life.

Here are our top tips for getting the best out a battery pack.

1. Keep your cool.

Like us, an e-bike battery likes to be kept at a reasonable temperature, around 10-20 degrees Celsius is just right. Avoid parking your bike in direct sunlight, or leaving in a hot car.

2. Keep up the charge.

If you have ridden your Panther e-bike and the charge is low, charge up the battery as soon as is practical before storing. If you haven't used your bike for 3-months, take the time to recharge the battery.

The battery is equipped with a Battery Management System, (BMS for short) which prevents over charging and stops the battery discharging beyond a voltage which could potentially cause damage to the cells. Once fully charged, remove the battery from the charger.

3. Use the correct charger.

Never use a charger which wasn't designed for the battery.

4. Keep dry.

Avoid water and moisture from entering the battery. Use a damp micro-fibre cloth to clean your e-bike, never a hose.


If you have any other questions on battery care, please get in touch.

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