​​We hold a complete range of spare parts in the UK for each of our Panther Ebike models
We offer an exciting choice of designs carefully built using the finest materials & the latest technology

Compare Panther electric bikes with other E-bikes and see the difference!!

Stay Ahead

The Latest Styling & Technology

Sleek, clean lines, & exceptional value.  

This is the Panther Ebike.

The Panther Ebike range of high quality Electric bikes was conceived after a comprehensive study during 2016 of existing, Ebike designs currently on the market.

Recognising an opportunity to produce a more stylish and technically superior design of Ebike,  Panther Ebike was created!

We work closely with our partner factories at all stages assisting in the design, development and production to produce the very best 'value for money' Ebikes with simple clean lines, superb modern styling, excellent build quality and powered by the latest fully integrated high capacity lithium batteries.


Our philosophy is to continue developing and  produce the very best value for money Ebikes utilising the latest battery & electric motor technology to help satisfy the growing demand for a more visually exciting and technically superior Ebike.

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Producing Exceptional Ebikes

Company Registration No: 11312302

Panther Electric Bike is a registered trademark: Registration No: UK00003236764:
Registered with the Patent Office 12 June 2017

See the Difference
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