Looking after your Panther Ebike

Panther Ebikes: Preventative Maintenance

Panther Ebikes are very reliable and very straightforward to keep in good working order: like all other forms of personal transport or sports equipment it pays just to take five or ten minutes at regular intervals to check the following:

  • Keep the bike clean, especially after riding in heavy rain when the bike should be wiped down to remove surplus moisture, and the bike lightly sprayed with a moisture dispersant similar to WD40, before wiping down again 

  • Tyres are at the correct pressure

  • No thorns, pins etc have penetrated the tyre outer fabric, (our tyres are all puncture resistant tyres but even these can suffer from punctures)

  • Lubricate moving parts with oil, especially the drive chain (chain oil) and gearing.
    Lubricate pivot points.

  • We recommend cleaning your bike weekly with a good quality car shampoo to remove road dirt and grime, finishing off the paintwork with a car or cycle wax polish of your choice

    Yearly Servicing:
    Unless you are a very  keen cyclist and understand the adjustment of derailleur gears & disc brakes we recommend that you have your Panther Ebike serviced at either one of our dealers or at your local cycle shop. This advice is also the same for none electric bikes as the gearing and braking adjustments need understanding and some previous experience in the procedures.
    The electrical components are extremely reliable and maintenance free, especially if your bike has been cared for as our recommendations above.

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