The New Panther Unisex Compact

The one size frame geometry for everyone!

What makes it special?

It's a unique british design which can be ridden by all ages and perhaps the Ebike of the Future?

The brief:
To design and produce a Unisex versatile, *value for money*  Ebike like no other, an Ebike that will stand the test of time both in functionality and aesthetics.

We believe that the Panther Compact Ebike achieves this and has wildly exceeded all expectations. With it's integrated hidden battery, superb riding characteristics  we believe that it really does stand out from the crowd.

To ride it is to love it.

With it's perfectly balanced centre of effort, ultra quiet electric motor, fully adjustable saddle post  and front stem  allowing a 90 degree folding action, the Panther Compact Range has it all.

A New Concept

 Compact is Practical: Balance is Perfection:

The Battery:
Batteries are not attractive and add weight but are an essential part of all Ebikes so it makes sense to place them in an unobtrusive and neutrally  balanced position.

We have developed a special Lithium battery housing that fits perfectly inside the front down tube so gives perfect security and weight distribution. The Panther Compact has a perfect 50/50 weight distribution over both wheels, specially noticeable when carrying your bike onto public transport, climbing steps etc.

Compare it:

The Panther Compact has three variations.

The Compact The Compact Sports and the City.

The Compact has all the benefits of lightness, balance and aesthetics, with a simpler, single gear, 3 level of power assist through and LED display, comfort cruiser style handlebars and comfort touring saddle.

The Sports and City models are fitted with shimano 7 speed derailleur, a central LCD display with 5 levels of power assist, sports saddle, a foldable easy turn sports handlebars / pedals and new for 2020 Disk Brakes!

The 2020 

Sports Model

 Now with Disk Brakes, Cross Country Tyres and Sports Fenders!

The Compact Sports:
Introducing the latest addition to our Popular  Compact Ebike Collection.

Improvements to our 2019 Panther Compact Range include:

  • Fully Integrated battery and Controller fitted within the downtube 

  • Voluminous cross country tyres (Sports)

  • Disk Brakes for the City and Sports

  • Trekking fenders now fitted to the Sports 

  • Improved stem adapter City and Sports

  • Folding pedals (All Models)

  • Removable rear rack (City and Compact)

A revolutionary and exciting new design of Cargo Ebike. Carefully designed as the perfect sized UK Urban E-Cargo Bike. Available Early 2020

The New Panther Compact Cargo

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