Panther Electric Bikes

Design: Source: Produce: Ship

Specializing in the Development and Manufacture of Stylish, High Quality, Value for Money Electric Bikes.
We produce in China, Taiwan and Malaysia

Your Gateway to China

A land of Mystery and Manufacturing Excellence

Specialist Services

  • 10 Years Experience Sourcing and Producing in China

  • Developing the latest Ebikes using integrated battery technology

  • Negotiating Factory Pricing to enable Positive Retail Price Points

  • Bespoke Customer Specifications

  • Sampling of New Products

  • Overseeing Quality Control During Production

  • Re-Branding of Existing Productions

  • Final QC Checks including full report

  • Organising Shipping to Europe

  • Container Loading Reports

Well Established Modern Factories

High Volume Producers of Ebikes with Excellent Facilities and Well Established Quality Control Systems

Checking Build Quality During Production

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Producing Exceptional Ebikes

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Panther Electric Bike is a registered trademark: Registration No: UK00003236764:
Registered with the Patent Office 12 June 2017

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