My Vision

To create the best E-Bikes at the best prices!

I would like to introduce myself:

I am Paul Kennard,  the developer and producer of Panther Ebike brand UK.
I have been developing and producing specialist products in China since 2008

Displaying my Oak Furniture at Shanghai 2008 before
spending 3 years producing for NEXT PLC
I have a passion for the pursuit of excellence, achieved by a mix of creativity, simplicity of design and incorporating the latest ebike technology and materials.

Good design and good business relationships are achieved by collaboration. I am excited to be an active part of a great team stretching across the globe.

I believe that I  have created what I feel is an exceptional collection of .exciting electric bikes carefully designed and manufactured in state of the art modern factories., to give years of trouble free pleasure for my customers.

I have spent 2 years developing my Panther Ebike brand  in close cooperation with my producers in China, whom I work  with, during production and at the final quality control check before loading.

I  test each and every bike, together with the production team and even help with the packing to ensure that each bike meets with our strict code of excellence before leaving the factory

Quality without Compromise
This is the essence of Panther Ebikes
Paul Kennard April 2018

© 2018 Panther Electric Bikes Ltd

Producing Exceptional Ebikes

Company Registration No: 11312302

Panther Electric Bike is a registered trademark: Registration No: UK00003236764:
Registered with the Patent Office 12 June 2017

See the Difference
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